A March For Climate Justice Now

Ashley Shepard, Staff Writer

In Washington DC, over 200,000 people gathered on Saturday, April 29th and marched up Pennsylvania Avenue ultimately ending at the White House and continuing with speakers at the Washington Monument. The People’s Climate March was a large scale event created by activists to advocate for global action against climate change.This march was in protest of President Donald Trump and his administration’s view on climate change. Donald Trump has openly said that he plans to ax any and all environmental regulations. Donald trump is backed by his cabinet members and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator, Scott Pruitt, who has wiped the EPA website of anything not aligning with the new administration’s views.

The Climate March consisted of many different people from all over the DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) area and other states such as Minnesota, Vermont, Massachusetts,etc. “I went to the march because I really hate Donald Trump and his administration. They’re ruining the world environmentally, economically, and socially among many other things.” said Anna Goodin (11) Goodin attended the march in a group consisting of her parents and two other local high school students. While at the march, Goodin was also able to be in a ‘drum circle’ with other attendees. “It was one of the best experiences of my life. There were so many people there and yet everyone felt connected,” said Goodin.

Josie Dang (11) was also in attendance along with Emily Voelkel (11) and Angela Mecca (11). “Climate change is a topic I feel very strongly about so going to this march was a no-brainer. Even if it was ninety degrees,” said Dang. Dang, Voekel, and Mecca all agree that climate change is a life or death situation and must be an issue solved before it is too late. As with many other marchers, they had signs with phrases such as, ‘There is no plan-et B’, ‘protect what you love’, ‘stop this fossil fuel-ery’, etc. “It’s very sad to see the new administration disregard climate change and the amount of effect humans have on it. I just hope that everyone can come together and agree on this topic so we can save our planet before it’s too late,” said Dang.

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