Don’t Miss Your Shot to Get the Flu Shot

Why You Should Receive the Flu Vaccine This Season

Payton Wozny, Editor-In-Chief

Flu season is coming up and one thing you definitely don’t want to forget is to get your flu shot. Although you may fear this vaccine, it’s vital that you receive this immunization.

I’m sure you dread the long, skinny needle injected into your arm for several seconds, but the flu shot is much more than just a syringe. The vaccine is designed yearly to protect against three or four influenzas that research predicts will occur the most that particular flu season. It builds up your immunity and does indeed protect you from the flu. Not only does this shot protect you from the flu, but it also helps to ensure the protection of the people around you. When a community regularly receives the vaccine, it decreases the risk of serious complications and prevents an epidemic of the flu.

Of course, the flu shot does have some minor side effects that could include; soreness, a low-grade fever, or aches. Life-threatening allergic reactions are very rare and cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome(GBS) are about one in one million. Also, age and health contribute to the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Also, despite common belief, the flu shot cannot give you the flu. Only people that have been exposed to the sickness soon after receiving the vaccine or before the shot can take full effect could get sick. It takes two weeks for your body to fully be protected. In addition, it is common to become ill with symptoms similar to the flu but are not actually the flu.

Although, there are side effects, they should only last one to two days and everyone should be vaccinated yearly. The few exceptions, of those who should be vaccinated, are infants under six months of age and those with life-threatening allergies to the shot or it’s ingredients.

Getting vaccinated at anytime can still help fight against the flu virus, but the Center for Disease Control(CDC) recommends to receive the shot before the end of October. So, there is plenty of time to head to your local pharmacy and get the flu shot. You can protect not only yourself, but your community, too.


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