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No shave November

What's the big deal?

Kalina Boshkovska, Staff Writer

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Other than shaving money, this cause can help people of all ages around the world. No shave November is not a funny trend on the internet. While many laugh at this trend because, “it’s just a meme that spread on the internet, at least that’s as far as I know”, Shanza Ali (10), it is not something to be laughed at. It is so much more than a trend, it is a movement to spread awareness and raise money for cancer treatment. The rules are simple, put your razor down for a month, and every dollar you don’t spend on shaving products you have to donate. “No-shave.org” is a popular site where many go to donate to countless organizations. The founders of the website have seen remarkable contributions, “This year $900,492 have been raised by 18,335 members, 1,480 teams and 282 organizations” as stated on the “No-shave-November” website.

This cause first became a trend on the internet to spread awareness of the new charity challenge to raise money for cancer patients. Over time, the cause became a meme that did not disclose any information about the cause or true story behind not shaving for the month of November. Today, not many know the true story behind it, only that it’s a fun, moneysaving challenge that gives you an excuse to not shave for a month.

Many teens in Oakton High School do not participate in this cause due to it being ‘weird.’ , “I feel like not shaving is often associated with not being clean, and there’s that fear of being judged for it”, said Advait Menon (10). This fear of being judged is a common theme among people who don’t participate, however if you don’t desire to participate at all, you can still donate to the many organizations. One way to donate is simply going to “No-shave.org” and following the instructions listed clearly on the home page; you will also find more information about the history of how No-shave-November came to be.

This trend is one that should not be laughed at, and it is one that everyone should participate in, or even just donate for. No-shave-November is one of the most widely known trends, but for the wrong reason spread through teens on social media. Whether you take this trend as a challenge, or if you find it silly, it’s always good to donate to those who need it most. Take this chance to make an impact on the world and help cancer patients around the world.

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Kalina Boshkovska, Staff Writer
My name is Kalina Boshkovska, I am a sophomore at Oakton High School, and this is my first year working with the Oakton Outlook. I look forward to helping improve the Outlook and share my opinion. Outside of school I enjoy fencing and running.
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