Behind the Scenes of Oakton Drama

Emily Bach, Staff Writer

Almost everyone is familiar with the locally-famous Oakton drama program. They’re widely known for their creative and high-quality productions, complete with invigorating storylines, exceptional actors, and a fantastic pit orchestra. However, behind the scenes of the plays we’ve come to love are the techies, a team of hard-working individuals dedicated to the art of drama.

Technical theater essentially functions as the backbone of the theatre department. They make sure people get where they need to be on time, with the correct props, scene directions, and stage settings. They’re also known for working the lights, which we as an audience see in action through spotlights, changes in color and dimmed lights. Additionally, they run tracks of prerecorded music and ensure sound effects are effectively dispersed throughout the show. They do all of this with little recognition, for as much as we love the shows, it’s their job to ensure we don’t see them. Because they’re responsible for moving set pieces and working behind the scenes, a show that functions most smoothly is one where you don’t notice they’re there.

But, what’s so respectable about the techies is that they do their jobs with little recognition from the audience. As explained by Junior Stephanie Zhang, “the best part is watching a show come together.” Their passion for the art is displayed vividly through their love for the work they do, despite the fact that audience members may not be able to recognize their faces. This humility, in my opinion, is something everyone at Oakton can learn something from and should recognize.