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California interest group attempts to create the 51st state

"New California" hopes to become a better, reformed version of modern-day California

Courtney Te, Editorial Board

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Recently, a Californian interest group has declared most of modern day California as a new state, called, “New California.” This is due to claims that the state’s government is widely corrupted and has become ungovernable. The group claims that citizens have become subject to over-taxation and regulation, as well as poor and declining education, law enforcement, and health care systems. The group cites Article 4, Section 3 of the U.S Constitution that says in order to form a new state, the two parties involved must agree and Congress must approve before it is officiated.

“New California” is attempting to follow in the footsteps of West Virginia, after it split off from the eastern portion of Virginia back in 1861. The new state would include many rural counties, leaving most of California’s tourist attractions near the coastal regions such as San Francisco and Sacramento in the “old” California. As modern day California has the largest population of 39.25 million as of 2016, the division of the new state would mean that it would the sixth largest state in America. “I support it,” says Regan Tate, sophomore. “There’s a reason they want to recede, and if it’s gotten bad enough to the point where they want to create a new state, then I think there may be a point to it.”

Even with the support of the Constitution and a feasible reason to succeed from modern-day California, the odds of “New California” actually being officated is slim. In the past, many have made use of Article 4, Section 3 of the Constitution in attempt to reform the state. A capitalist named Tim Draper tried to split the state in 6 parts in 2014, but ultimately failed to make a difference.

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California interest group attempts to create the 51st state