The best of spirit week

Oakton Cougars show off their school spirit

Payton Wozny, Editor-In-Chief

Oakton students showed their enthusiasm for spirit week from February 20 to 24. Here are some of the most spirited students from this week.

To start the week, the students wore their patriotic colors. Gabby Parrillo, a junior at Oakton, showed off her red, white, and blue on Tuesday to support her nation and school.


Wednesday was pink-out. Sydney Rico(9) went all out when showing her spirit, dressing in pink head to toe. She had everything from pink shoes, to pink makeup, to a pink cape.


On Thursday, the students showed their college spirit. Senior, Lauren Silas, is still undecided of what college she will attending in the fall, so she showed her Monsters University spirit as a joke with her friends.


And finally, the cougars brought out their burgundy and gold for our spring pep rally. Manar Haroon (12) went all out with her cougar shirt and the iconic burgundy and gold wig.


The leadership students are the people who plan the spirit days for the students. They take into account accessibility and ease when picking the spirit days to ensure that as many students can participate as possible. “Leadership tries really hard to make sure that everyone can do it [the spirit days]. We put a lot of effort into it,” says Holland Cogan, a freshman in leadership.