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Tips & tricks for freshmen students

Sally Park, staff writer

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Work smarter, not harder.

Simply scanning your notes may not necessarily work for everyone, so be sure to know what type of learner. Knowing whether or not you’re an auditory learner or a visual learner may help you learn quicker and more efficiently. Taking into consideration the type of learner you are, incorporate this into your daily study routine. (For ex. If you’re a visual learner, it may help if you highlight and color code your notes)


Focus on your schoolwork, your grades this year do matter

Since this year is your first year of high school, the grades you receive this year can prevent you from certain opportunities in the future. In a couple years, the type of shoes you wear or the Youtuber you idolize will no longer be relevant to your life, so be sure to prioritize schoolwork.


Don’t stress too much-

Chances are, you will get a grade this year that you aren’t so fond of. But be aware that your grades do not define who you are. Just make sure that you understand your error(s), and brainstorm different ways you could improve in those particular topic(s).


Manage your time

From extracurricular activities to schoolwork, your schedule can be a bit chaotic. Just thirty minutes of procrastination can make your schedule a lot more stressful than it should be. So make sure to have a schedule for you to follow on a daily basis. Another tip is to use Cougar Time as a chance for you to catch up on your work. If you have persistent trouble balancing your schoolwork and extracurricular activities, talk to your counselor for guidance.


Have time for fun

Just because you’re now a high school student doesn’t mean that you should cut out all sources of entertainment. Spend at least thirty minutes to an hour every day doing something you love to take your mind off of schoolwork. Draw a picture, read a book, or even spend some well deserved time watching your favorite shows on Netflix. Anything to give yourself a little mental break.


Go out of your comfort zone

Whether that means saying hi to someone you don’t really know or exposing yourself to new hobbies, going out of your comfort zone can truly make a difference. Going through different experiences can help you develop valuable life-long skills you may need to know in the future, and can give you different persepctives on different people, cultures, and communites.


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