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Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Theory Series

Genevieve Bavisotto, Staff Writer

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If you haven’t heard of Shane Dawson by now you’re probably living under a rock. Shane recently released two new conspiracy theory videos that have most viewers questioning everything about life right now. His videos covered the topics of the California woolsey fires, “deep fake”, suicide messages taught to kids at a young age, theories about the iphone,  Walt disneys frozen body theory, stores secret manipulation into getting the customer to purchase something, Chuck E Cheese theory about reusing their pizza, a new technology that can memorize people’s voice, and a chilling story about a woman’s toxic relationship with her psycho boyfriend. I am going to be sharing the viewers favorite theories.

Shane’s first video was published on January 30th, and reached 34 million views. His first theory was about an app called “deep fake”. Deep fake is an app that lets you switch faces around with another person to make it seem like one person is doing something they are not. This app has caused a big controversy because people have been switching faces with a celebrity, making it seem like the celebrity is doing something they shouldn’t be doing. It is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a real picture and a picture using deep fake. In the video Shane claims that this app can cause the world to end, you may think he is being dramatic and over the top, but he proves that wrong. Hany Farid, a professor of computer sciences at Dartmouth University, explains a scenario that could happen with deepfake (just a scenario, this didn’t really happen).Hany Farid said “What if a video was produced of Donald Trump saying ‘I have just launched a nuclear weapon against North Korea’, that video goes on to twitter, and goes viral in 30-60 seconds. North Korea responds in another 60 seconds”. While this scenario did not happen, it is very realistic if the deep fake app gets out of hand.

Another theory that shane told us is terrifying, dark, and very realistic, it will make you question your whole childhood. This theory is about childhood tv shows brainwashing little kids. Some of the shows are spongebob squarepants, looney tunes, mickey mouse, etc. While watching these shows once we are older, you realize how many jokes there are about suicide. Shane Dawson said “at ages 1-5 years old is when our brains develop the most, which is around the ages our parents would play these shows for us, what if the creators of these shows wanted us to have the message in our head so we know that suicide is an option”. Most of the shows show a character shooting themselves, jumping off a cliff, causing self harm to themselves, etc. This story ties all the way back to 1930, in a comic of mickey mouse who falls into a deep depression and tries to kill himself, because minnie had left him for another man. It’s not just tv shows or comics that this theory relates to, it’s also games such as hangman, a game where if you lose, your drawing is an individual hanging themselves, the original game of life, which has several spaces on its bored just labeled “suicide”,and nursery rhymes. The message of suicide might not be clear at first, but listen to these nursery rhymes you probably heard as a child.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men

Couldn’t put Humpty together again.”


“Peter, Peter pumpkin eater,

Had a wife but couldn’t keep her;

He put her in a pumpkin shell

And there he kept her very well.

Peter, Peter pumpkin eater,

Had another and didn’t love her;

Peter learned to read and spell,

And then he loved her very well.”


“It’s raining, it’s pouring;

The old man is snoring.

He went to bed and he

Bumped his head

And he couldn’t get up in the morning.”

Shane said, “What is something all these nursery rhymes have in common? Death and depression, and holding a women hostage”


Did any of these conspiracy theories scare you and make you interested in Shane Dawson? If so, watch some of Shane’s several conspiracy videos.

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Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Theory Series