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The Rise Of Tik Tok

Genevieve Bavisotto, Staff Writer

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You might have heard of the app “musical.ly”, but now it’s got a whole new name and logo. The new name for this app is “tik tok”, and it’s making its way throughout schools and phones. This app was number one of the apple charts for nearly two weeks, and has remained near the top for months now. If you don’t know what this app is, it is a form of social media where you can share videos of you dancing or lip syncing to songs. If your video gets a lot of likes it could be shared on the “for you” page. Some celebrities even got their start on Tik Tok such as, Loren Gray, Harvey Cantwell, Jordyn Jones, and many more. Most of these stars moved on from Tik Tok and started pursuing singing or youtube.

As the “Musical.ly” phase started to die down because people started to take it as a joke. After about a year of no talk of the app “musical.ly”, many ads came up for this new app, “Tik Tok” . Many people started to download the app again and in a matter of days it was on the top of the charts. A number of high schoolers use tik tok because they say it is a fun and a big stress reliever.


Quote from an interview of Emily Martin (9):


“I know Tik Tok seems like a stupid app and it is but it is honestly a lot of fun. I use it a little bit too much and it distracts me from school work but it really brings out my creativity.”


Quote from an interview of Jamie Kim (9):


“Tik Tok is not a joke and everyone who says it is a joke is lying to themselves. People should not be ashamed about their use of Tik Tok ”

A number of people use Tik Tok because they find it stress relieving and an escape from boredom. If you ever have free time, download the app Tik Tok!


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The Rise Of Tik Tok