Why Don’t We

Katie Le, Editorial Board

Why Don’t We is a boy band consisting of 5 boys, Zach Herron, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, Corbyn Besson, and Jonah Marais. They all started off solo and came together in September of 2016, gaining tons of supporter

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s from their solo careers and also new ones. Logan Paul helped them gain more fans by featuring them in his videos, which help them become more noticeable to other artists. The band has toured with many artists, such as Shawn Mendes and the Chainsmokers. Why Don’t We has released 5 EPs, 5 singles, and an album called 8 Letters. The 8 Letters album contains eight songs with their song 8 Letters being the most popular. Since then, they have published two new songs called Big Plans and Cold in LA.

Big Plans was released in January of 2019, but the sound got leaked before the release date. Even so, fans enjoyed the song and anticipated on the music video. The music video came out a couple days after the song was published and a lot of fans were disappointed. Many said that the video was rushed and not good quality compared to their other videos. It seem as if they did most of the video on a green screen and did not put as much effort as they do in their other music videos. Although Big Plans was still amazing, the video that came with it was not up to par with the song.

A month after Big Plans came out, Why Don’t We released a song titled Cold in LA. A couple days after the music video was released, it was clear that the video was far better than Big Plans. The video showed the boys in different locations in LA and had well-integrated special effects. The final video seemed as if they put far more effort and thought put into it.

Most Why Don’t We music videos have the members in different locations in the world, walking and singing in the streets. A lot of of time and effort has been put into all of their videos, and you could tell. One of their music videos that stands out in my mind is their song Nobody Gotta Know. Each person they greet in the video got a rose and a live performance of the song. One of the reasons it’s my favorite is because we get to see a music video without any special effects to it, and just them interacting with people.

Thousands of people support Why Don’t We because their voices are amazing. They can harmonize together very well, which is difficult with two people— let alone five! They do a lot of acapella, and  they mashup songs with a twist to them which makes them really unique. Whatever direction the band decides to take their music, it ends up being a sensation to anyone who hears it.