Spring Break Destinations

Portia Dai, Editorial Board

Spring break is coming up and it seems like everyone is spending it somewhere fun. Here are some places you could go to enjoy your break.

Beaches always seem to be a prime destination and from the west coast to the east coast, some popular ones are Manele Bay in Hawaii, Clearwater Beach in Florida, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, and Cape Hatteras National Seashore in North Carolina. The beach is a great place to go if you want to get a dose of sun and enjoy the serene waves of the ocean. While these beaches are in different states, the ever so popular Virginia Beach is a good place to visit if you want to experience the tropical weathers of Hawaii while staying closer to home. Additionally to enjoying the weather, the beach is also a good location to try your hand at surfing.

If you prefer the excitement of a ride compared to the calmness of a beach, then an amusement park may be the place for you. Amusement parks that are closer to Virginia include Busch Gardens, Hershey Park, Kings Dominion, and Six Flags. These parks are packed with exciting rides and Kings Dominion has recently added a new ride that is a wood and steel hybrid coaster called Twisted Timbers. The ride goes at a speed of fifty- four miles per hour and features a 109-foot drop. Apart from roller coasters, amusement parks also have water rides which would provide welcome relief from the heat. If you love the excitement of racing by with the wind in your face, an amusement park would provide you with endless amounts of entertainment.

While the beach and amusement parks are both fun to go to, traveling internationally is also really exciting. A good place to visit is Cancun since the weather is always extremely warm, making it a good place to relax and get tanned and ready for summer. Another fun attraction at Cancun is snorkeling. The sea life is amazing to see and is a fun way to enjoy your break. For those more adventurous, Cancun would be a great place to explore.

Alternatively, if you want to stay in the country, Key West in Florida is a great place to visit. Key West, like Cancun, has enjoyable weather and also has gorgeous sunsets. On top of that, Key West has tasty food such as great barbeques and amazing seafood. Key West also has good opportunities to try your hand at sailing. Sailing, while relaxing, can also provide a chance for those who love adventure to explore the area.

Whether you’re one for the calm, the exciting, or the adventurous, there’s a place for you this break to enjoy a relaxing week away from school.