How to Have a Fun Staycation

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    Many students excitedly talk about where they’re going for spring break as it grows closer. They talk about their plans for the beach or what relative they’re visiting, but not everyone’s leaving town. In fact, having fun while staying home is a challenge for a lot of kids. Of course, there are ways to enjoy it.

    If any of your friends are in town, you can go to the mall with them or invite them over. Learn a new hobby, such as knitting, sewing, baking, or even beekeeping. Check online for local events; sometimes there will be concerts or celebrations nearby you can attend.

    If you are more creative or want to get more creative, you can learn to paint. Walk around and take pictures of anything you think is pretty. Read many books. You could even try to write your own book. If you’re not creative or don’t want to try anything creative, you could always try a new restaurant.

    Even though most of your friends are leaving, you could still have a fun spring break. Staycations can even be more fun than regular vacations. No matter what, don’t forget to have fun and relax.

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