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The Call of Fall

The Call of Fall

October 15, 2017

Fields of Fear: A Trick or Treat?

Amy Dai, Staff Writer

October 15, 2017

Filed under A&E, Lifestyle

A tradition for many years now, Cox Farms’ Fields of Fear has been the trendy place for teenagers to visit for a night of thrill during the fall season. Located on an eerie, isolated farmland off Braddock Road, Fields of Fear ...

Treat yourself to a break

Jennifer Coon, Copy Editor

March 28, 2017

Filed under A&E, Lifestyle, Web exclusive

  The end of third quarter is one of the most stressful times of the year for any high school student. With teachers cramming multiple tests and projects into the quarter before spring break, it is hard to maintain it all. ...

Lucid dreaming

Sarina Javanmardi, Staff Writer

March 7, 2017

Filed under Lifestyle

Are you aware that your childhood dreams of being able to have immeasurable strength, ability to fly, and frankly, just about anything can come true? All of this can be achieved in the universe of our lucid mind and thoughts. N...

“Digital Detox” is a trend

Ashleigh Tain, Staff Writer

March 3, 2017

Filed under A&E, Lifestyle

   In the 1980’s, the Internet was born, heavy and bulky, but one of the most influential inventions to grace the earth. Today, with its structures thinning and online users exceeding the 3 billion mark, about 40% of the world...

The skin care phenomenon

Yara Mohamed, staff writer

February 16, 2017

Filed under A&E, Lifestyle

The majority of teenagers deal with acne. Whether it be cystic acne or a few minor breakouts, whenever a new blemish appears, most slather on an acne spot treatment from the nearby drugstore and call it a night. If there are ...

The perfect winter dessert recipe

Alex Santoli, staff writer

January 19, 2017

Filed under Lifestyle   The holidays are a time of relaxation and leisure. What better way to relax than kick back and eat a sweet treat?  Learn how to make your own chocolate truffles fr...

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