Benefits of Uber

Lizzie Thompson, staff writer

Just recently our society has been reminded of the dangers involving being driven around by strangers. A student from University of South Carolina was kidnapped after getting into someone’s car, which she thought was her Uber. With new safety concerns regarding Uber, I think that is important to remember all of the things that we used to love about the company and service. As long as you follow the proper safety precautions, Uber can continue to be the driving service that we all love

It’s easy to forget the time before Uber where you could only get places with taxi’s. And there aren’t any of those in Oakton, with Uber, driving places is simple even if you don’t have a car. It isn’t required for someone to own a car, or even know how to drive because of Uber and their convenience. The app form of the company makes the driving experience effortless with all of the needed resources all in one place. You open the app, click what kind of car you want, and you’re ready to go.

One of the things that people at Oakton High school love to utilize is Ubereats, where an uber car will pick up your food and bring it to your destination. This is especially convenient if you can’t drive and you’re hungry. Any place, and any time, Uber eats is available to get whatever food that you crave to any random location that you choose.

The company is by no means perfect, the prices present an issue if you’re going long distances, but not completely unmanageable. And of course the fact that you’re being put in a car with someone that you don’t know is hard to look passed. There are certain safety measures that can be used when using Uber, like asking the driver’s name, and making sure the car has an Uber sticker on the side to make it official.

So before we attack Uber for this recent issue, let’s remember all of the things that the company has given us over the years, and use some more precision when using the app. If we can all follow the necessary safety rules, then Uber can continue to be the company that we all know and love.