POL Prep

How Each Grade Prepares for The Final Presentations

Veronica Preaskorn, Editor in Chief

The end of the 2018-2019 school year begins to drag to an end. During the very last week of school, freshmen through juniors will present their Presentation of Learning (POL). Before that however, they have to prepare for them. In English classes, teachers have prepared their students with various projects and assignments. The POL is a way for the students to reflect on their year and growth in the Portrait of a Graduate traits.

The juniors will present on Monday in front of three combined advisories. They’ll talk about their Capstone research that took place over the course of the year and explain their Capstone a little bit. They’ll present to sophomores, freshmen, and teachers. The seniors, of course, will have already graduated.

The sophomores will present to only the freshmen and teachers. Their POL has changed every year for the past few years, so it’s hard to say for certain how they’ll present their POL. However, it seems that this year, the students write a research paper in English and then base their POL off of it. Chemistry, one of the classes the POL focuses on, is focused on creating the visual that tells the student.

Freshmen will present on Wednesday for just the teachers. It will be like an exhibition style in that each freshmen will have their project set up, and the teachers will walk around to see and grade it. Students wrote reflections every quarter that they’ll base their project off of. When asked how English teachers prepare their students for the POL, Dr. Schiavone, a ninth grade teacher, said,  “It differs in every classroom. Ninth grade teachers spend a lot of time on oral presentations,” Presenting is the main part of the POL, so it makes sense that the English teachers spend the time preparing their students for that portion.