Bringing Spirit Back to Oakton

Hula you going to ask to homecoming?

Veronica Preaskorn, Editor in Chief

It’s time to worry about finding dresses and dates again. With homecoming rapidly approaching, many students’ minds are now focused on who to ask, what to wear, where to eat, etc. Although it’s not until October 5, students already want to know about the theme and, of course, the spirit week days leading up to the football game. 

Starting off spirit week is USA day; wear your most patriotic clothes to show school spirit. Following that is the classic jersey day. On Wednesday, Oakton will support breast cancer awareness by wearing pink. Thursday is for class colors. For those who don’t know, freshmen wear black, sophomores wear white, juniors burgundy, and seniors gold. Friday will be Hawaiian day, keeping with the homecoming theme. Luau-based games will go on all throughout the week in the cafeteria during lunch. Even the pep rally will be geared towards luau events. This year, however, there is a competition for the most spirited class. Go to the leadership table in spirit week attire to gain a tally for your class. The class with the most spirit will be announced during half-time at the homecoming game vs. Lake Braddock. 

As previously mentioned, the theme will be luau. Mr. McCulla, one of the leadership teachers in charge of decorations, believes this will be the best homecoming yet. Excited about the designs, he said, “When you walk into the school, it will be like you’re walking into the water, and the lounge is going to be a little beach area. Inside the gym, there will just be a bunch of decorations to make it stand out.”

Whether or not they find the perfect date or outfit, Oakton students will have a great time at homecoming this year. Tickets can be purchased the week leading up to the dance for $25 dollars in the cafeteria.