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Nikki Singh

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We at the Outlook have often wondered about why our cafeteria rarely breaks out into song and why our boys’ basketball team is not also a glee club. But here we have found Oakton’s very own Troy and Gabriella (with adjustments).

Andie Caroll, Grade 11

Question: What activities do you do?

Answer: “I am a part of the Oakton Singers chorus. I am also on choir council, I play Varsity Tennis for Oakton and I am on The Honor Council. I play piano and take voice lessons, along with being a member of the Math, Spanish and Music Honor Societies.”

Question: Is Oakton anything like HSM?

Answer: “Yes in a way. Oakton is really diverse with lot of people. However, we do not sing and stand on tables. It also depends on the issues; people come together and are apart. Certain activities go together; the music department and theater.”

Question: Are you anything like Gabriella?

Answer: “Yeah like Gabriella, music is a huge part of my life. Being in chorus and jazz choir is a great way for me to express my musical taste. I am also a scientist along with being a music enthusiast and I can be seen as more of a quiet person as well.”

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Ryan Davis, Grade 10

Question: What activities do you do?

Answer: “I play Varsity Baseball at Oakton and to take a break from that, I dance at the Conservatory Ballet Academy in Reston. I am a singer and an artist as well. These activities are a release for me in high school and I have taught myself.”

Question: Is Oakton anything like HSM?

Answer: “I think it is in a way the typical high school shown in movies. Each has the same outline with different cliques, but they are not well-defined or overwhelming. Oakton is very diverse and depending on what classes people have there is definitely interaction between the social groups. However, we don’t break into song in the cafeteria like HSM.“

Question: Are you anything like Troy?

Answer: “Yeah, I think so. Along with playing sports I am really into the arts. Sometimes it is hard to balance both of them and find a place where I fit in, but I love being busy.”

**disclaimer: this doesn’t mean YOU are not Troy or Gabriella. Dance your heart out, cougars!

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