The World is Ending, the Star Wars Plot was Leaked

Many are anticipating the new Star Wars movie that is due to come out December 20, 2019. However, to much dismay, the plot has been leaked and spoilers are spreading.


Courtesy of Forbes

Zoe Sauger, Editor-In-Chief

Star Wars. A meaningful term to many fans who have grown up watching the films, reading the books, and fantasizing about the fictional world. The new movie, Rise of Skywalker is supposed to be the last movie in the nine-part ‘skywalker saga’. So, as you can imagine, many of the fans were excited to see how the series was going to end. 

With the high level of anticipation for the new movie, it is a no brainer that the plot was leaked. This happened with Endgame and many other movies in similar situations. However, the plot leaked has been devastating to many devout fans. Although, fans should look at the bright side and know that the plot might not actually be correct, so they anticipation for whether the plot is correct or not will still be exciting for fans who had the movie spoiled for them.

In an interview with Will Morris (11) he shared his opinion about the plot being leaked. He shared, “I think it is a fake plot…They have done it before so they will do it again.” This seems to be the opinion of many enthusiasts. Hopefully they are right and the real plot wasn’t leaked, so the movie can be exciting and invigorating. 

Another fan, Garrett Woodhouse (11) explained how excited he is for the new movie, “I am excited about the new movie, I hope Disney closes the movie well.” It can be agreed that everyone is excited for the movie and will be anxiously awaiting the end to an amazing series.

No matter what the plot is this movie will be one for the books, and an ending to a generation of amazing movies that invigorated viewers and inspired fans to be brave, loving, and adventurous.