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The controversy of “Dear White People”

Ashley Shepard, staff writer

May 17, 2017

Filed under A&E, Movies & TV

On April 28, 2017, Netflix released a new Netflix-original series, “Dear White People.” This show is based on the movie “Dear White People” which was released in 2014. The movie portrays a culture war between blacks and w...

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

Gaby Brennan, Staff Writer

March 17, 2017

Filed under A&E, Movies & TV

Survivor fans, rejoice! The first episode of the newest season of the popular reality TV show Survivor aired last Wednesday, March 8. The theme for the whopping 34th season was ultimately “Game Changers”- where previous...

Saturday Night Live vs Donald Trump

Lindsey Katsaros, News Editor

February 1, 2017

Filed under A&E, Movies & TV, Politics Since it was announced that Donald Trump would be running for president, many Americans believed that this was more like a comedy skit than actual reality. Throughout the election and beyond, Satu...

Ready, set, action!

Ready, set, action!

March 14, 2016

10 points for Gryffindor

Nikki Singh

March 12, 2015

Filed under A&E, Movies & TV, Web exclusive

Emma Watson, known most famously for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, was recently casted for a role which could be an opportunity of a lifetime for the up and coming actress. Watson ecstatically revealed...

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