F.R.I.E.N.D.S Won’t Be There For You

The popular shows removal from Netflix

Photo Courtesy to Wallpaper Access

Photo Courtesy to Wallpaper Access

Veronica Preaskorn, Editor in Chief

At the start of 2020, Friends fans were disappointed by the removal of the hit sitcom from Netflix. The show follows six best friends as they navigate adult life in New York City. Friends originally aired in 1994 but continued to rise in popularity over the years.

Recently, many TV shows have been removed from Netflix. With the success of streaming services, quite a few networks have decided to make their own streaming service as a way to make more money. Disney+ has only fueled this movement with their immediate success. Friends will be a part of WarnerMedia’s new streaming service, HBO Max, when it launches in May. Starting at $15 a month, subscribers will have access to a plethora of HBO shows and movies such as Gossip Girl, A Star is Born, It Chapter 2, Shazam!, and The Bachelor. 

However, many fans are upset by its steep price. The cost is double Disney+ or Apple TV.  One high school student, Grace Wright (10), spoke out against the change. “I’m really upset Friends is being taken off Netflix. It’s my go-to show, and I’m not going to pay for HBO Max,” said Wright. 

Many Friends fans have spoken out against the removal on Twitter and other social media sites. However, the situation stayed the same as Netflix is focusing on Netflix Originals rather than outsourced shows and movies. Fans can order a DVD set with all ten seasons on online stores, such as Amazon, where the whole set is $102.27. While this may seem expensive, overtime the cost of HBO Max will surpass that of the DVDs.