Cafeteria Renovation

Grace Park, Staff Writer

   Oakton is changing right now. The Cougar Studio (dance studio) next to the cafeteria is almost finished with construction and during the winter break, Oakton’s cafeteria was totally renewed. According to Mr. Colgan, Oakton’s School-Based Technology Specialist, renovation is now in Phase 1, and there are still a lot of things to work on. The cafeteria was the starting point of the changes in Oakton. 

Photo by Oakton High School Instagram

   Most students are not that satisfied with the new cafeteria. Before the renovation, the cafeteria had the rectangle tables and individual chairs. The circular tables are still located in the same part of the cafeteria with the same chairs for them. As a whole, it was not organized well and the facilities were old, but students could move freely and chat with their friends. But now, chairs are attached to the new squiggly shaped table with tiny spaces between each of the chairs.”

   Bibechana Pandey (9) said, “the new cafeteria looks more stylish than before but I just wish the seats were not as close. Since tables and chairs are connected to each other, I can’t even move my seats.”

   “The spiny chairs legit remind me of McDonald’s. The bar table things are better.”, said Tyler Lujan (10).

   Also, Henry Pham (9) said, “This chair reminds me of my middle school cafeteria… [I’m] glad that these things are new so that they are not going to break easily.” 

   Nicole Lindenhaäll (12) said, “I’m not the biggest fan of the new cafeteria. It just seems very dull and prison-like.” While she did not like the most part of the new cafeteria, she also said “The only thing I like better compared to the old cafeteria is that there are more room and lighting. Especially the natural light is my favorite part because I get to sit at the circle tables.” Because there is a long window right next to the circle tables, students can have luminous natural lighting. Outside the window, the construction is ongoing, but it is still felicitous and nice to have a huge window with lunch.

   As expected, some Oakton students do not like the new design, but from now on there will be a lot of renovations so Oakton will hopefully become the best high school.