All About Community Service

Finding community service is not hard, and it can help build your resume for future jobs and college.

Zoe Sauger, Editor-In-Chief

Most students at Oakton High School strive to complete the required forty hours of community service for the advanced diploma along with extra hours for any honor societies they are in. At first forty hours or more can seem very daunting, however it can be way easier to collect hours. Here are three tips to find opportunities for community service.


  1. Join clubs- You’d be surprised, but joining clubs can help build the amount of service hours you have. Certain clubs, for example touching hearts or best buddies, have many service projects throughout the year. Not only do the clubs help you gain hours, but they also look really good for college applications.
  2. Make connections- Making connections is very helpful for more than just service hours, but having a good relationship with your teacher will make it easier for you to ask to help in the classroom. 
  3. Be creative- There are so many ways you can achieve service hours. Be on the lookout throughout school to see if there is any way you can help your community. Also, try to find community projects for something you are interested in, this will look good for college. If you are unsure about a certain idea for community service reach out to a teacher and ask about it.


Try to be as involved as you can because the more involved you are in the community the more ways you will be able to build your hours. Community service has to be something you will enjoy, so that way you are actually benefiting the community and not just doing it for your own good. When you’re looking for volunteering opportunities, try to find something that interests you, for example if you are wanting to pursue a career in the medical field- volunteer at a local medical facility or the hospital. 


In an interview with Mitchell Thomas (12) he explained how he earns his community service hours, “I go to your church, even though I am not very religious, they have good opportunities for community service.” Any religious organizations are a great way to earn hours and become more involved in the community.


Overall community service is not as daunting as it may seem, and it can be very easy to find ways to be more involved in the community.