Seniors’ Privileges in Course Selection

Seniors are given the opportunity to be a TA, take a free period, or become student aids in the Activities or Counselors office as a class.


TAs sit with teachers during their teaching periods to assist them anything they need help in.

Riya Jain, Editorial Board

Upon the first week back to school from winter break, students in grades 9th, 10th, and 11th are meeting with their counselors to select their courses for the next school year. 11th graders, who are rising seniors, have the special option to be Teacher Assistants (TAs), take a free period, or become student aids in the Activities or Counselors office. This option is only granted to seniors, which is similar to how “senior privileges” work.

Students that are TAs usually ask a teacher that they admire and have a good relationship with whether they can be their TA for the next academic year. For example, a student may ask their current or previous math teacher if they can be their TA for the next year. Upon the teacher agreeing, the student would TA for them the following year. As a TA, they get to work with the teacher more closely; they may be asked to grade papers, answer students’ questions, or tutor students. Additionally, they may be of great help to teachers as they can help them stay organized. Teachers must have a TA that is trustworthy (as the TA may be grading students’ papers), responsible, and mature. 

Counselor Mrs. Chase-Kang says that student aids in the Counselors Office are of great help to the counselors; counselor aids run passes to classrooms for counselors. These passes are to notify students to go to the counselors office to meet with their counselors for a certain reason. If there were no counselor aids, the counselors themselves would have to run the passes, making them unavailable in their offices as they are running errands around the school. Counselor aids may also be enlisted with small tasks like putting labels on envelopes and stuffing envelopes. Mrs. Chase-Kang says that counselor aids must be trustworthy as they may hear or see confidential information in the office, and must have good attendance so that they can be present during the period and help the counselors.

Finally, seniors may also opt to have a free period. In this free period, they would be taking no class. Students may need to take a free period if they have a rigorous schedule and need a break, to accomodate for their online class, or simply because they have already satisfied their graduation requirements and don’t feel the need to take another class. This free period would not show up on their transcript. If a student opts to take a free period, they cannot be on-campus. They will be given an off-campus waiver that they and their parents, along with the principal, must sign. If they are seen on the school campus during their free period, they will be escorted off the campus by an admin as they are considered to be trespassing school property. When one is granted an off-campus waiver, they must have transportation to and from the school – especially because of construction. 

As rising seniors start selecting their schedules for the next school year, they have many more options to select from. Good luck to the rising seniors!