Super Bowl Halftime Show Vs. Ohio Pastor

Katie Le, Editorial Board

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Photo credits to Newsweek

On February 2, 2020, our 54th Super Bowl was won by the Kansas City Chiefs, leaving the San Francisco 49ers in defeat. This marks the Chiefs’ first Super Bowl victory since Super Bowl IV, with them winning with 31 points, while the 49ers lost with 20. Alongside the intense game played, the Super Bowl is also watched for their amazing halftime show. This year’s halftime show featured Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, who gained praise for their breathtaking performance. Both performed some of their hit songs includingHips Don’t Lie” from Shakira and “On the Floor” from JLo. They gained many commendations from viewers, except from one Ohio pastor, Dave Daubenmire. 

Daubenmire, also referred to as ‘Coach Dave’, is a conservative pastor and a former high school football coach. He wrote a heavily opinionated blog post for News With Views about how much he disliked the halftime show, writing that the show was “lewd” and how the “consciences of millions of innocent children were violated without warning”. Daubenmire believes that the whole show purposely showed viewers pornographic “sewage” without warning and, because of that, it has “violated the sanctity of [their] homes”. He focuses on how the halftime show is corrupting the children and targets JLo as the cause of this. Daubenmire writes about how the performance was not welcomed into his home but showed up uninvited which angered him enough to want to sue the NFL, Pepsi, and local cable companies. He also shared his

Photo credits to the American View

views on Facebook, which received a lot of comments from people who didn’t necessarily agree with him at all. Some users were angry at what he had to say about it, one asking if they could sue him for “putting [their] soul at risk” for the awful words that were said because of him. People who share religious beliefs with him also seemed to disagree with his opinions about the halftime show, but also some were supporting his statements.

Daubenmire sparked a very controversial argument when he wrote about wanting to sue the halftime show featuring JLo and Shakira, mostly targeting JLo. Although many people were enraged by his opinions, there were some who echoed his statements about how it has exploited children’s minds. The NFL halftime shows tend to spark lots of controversial topics and leave some viewers unhappy about what is being shown on TV, this 2020 halftime show is no exception and the ones in the future. This is a world where not everyone will be satisfied with a decision because of the diverse views in our communities, the halftime show will never be able to satisfy all the viewers and suing the show will not change that.