NFL Decrease In Viewers

The NFL has seen a decrease in views due to social justice and the black lives matter movement.

Photo Courtesy of: 
 Bancroft School, Unleashed

Photo Courtesy of: Bancroft School, Unleashed

NFL Decrease In Viewers

 It all started back in 2016, when NFL quarterback Colin  Kaepernick was kneeling during the pledge of allegiance. From him kneeling a number of fans didn’t like that, so that led to an amount of fans to stop watching. That ended up being 11% of fans through the whole entire NFL. Now, today in 2020 the social justice and the black lives matter movement has caused some fans to walk away from the sport that they usually watch for the year which is football. For this year the NFL is seeing a significant drop in views at a whopping 12% down in views on the average game.

Later on the nights when the NFL has primetime games are down between 11%-13%. During the National Anthem of week one Thursday Night Football the NFL showed the two teams: Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans locking arms and kneeling during the national anthem as a form of social justice and NFL fans went crazy about it by threatening the NFL that they will stop watching this season if this doesn’t change. 

CBS sports which is one of the mainstream networks has seen a significant decrease in views at a whopping 27% decrease. CBS had this drop due to them only hosting single headers on their network for the first two weeks. They’re numbers have also trailed down because of the NFL trying to fight social justice and police brutality.

On the other hand Fox sports’, which is another main stream network for NFL games, haven’t taken a decrease at all. In week one Fox sports hosted America’s game of the week and people were thrilled about football’s return so their numbers didn’t go down until week three. On week three, the Fox sports network took a significant 12% drop in viewership.