Covid Has Hit the White House

President Trump contracting covid, could potentially boost his campaign and lead America back into ‘normal’ life if all goes according to plan.


Photo Courtesy of The National Catholic Bioethics Center

Zoe Sauger, Editor-In-Chief

President Trump and First Lady, Melania Trump, contracted the covid-19 virus on October 2nd. The president quickly went to the Walter Reed Medical Center, and stayed in the presidential suite, or a mini ‘west wing’. There he received treatment, and the public was informed that his condition was mild. He shortly came back to the White House and tweeted all about his improved health.

Some might say it is not moral to wish ill health on others, I believe that this goes for the President as well, no matter what your political opinion is. Vice President took this same idea, as he and his wife tweeted, “our thoughts to President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump for a swift recovery.”  

However, there are two major outcomes that can result from the President having covid. First, the virus will have another surge in the United States due to the examples the president is setting. Second, granted the president makes a smooth recovery, there could potentially be a boost in his campaign.  

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the President has made many striking comments and tweets about the virus. He chose not to act swiftly with the information about the virus, leading to countless Americans losing jobs and falling sick and too many unnecessary deaths. One major obstacle that many Americans seem to have is wearing a mask. It has grown to a large debate, that somehow has turned political. 

President Trump holds a large audience and has influence over many. His small acts of not wearing a mask, have only triggered the debate. You could even say that it is karma to him for saying that covid is not important and choosing not to wear a mask, that he is now sick. 

When the President arrived back at the White House he decided to do a photo-op, and in this photo-op, he removed his mask. I’ll repeat that. He took off his mask, while still positive for Covid, just for a picture. He also made many tweets saying, “Don’t be afraid of Covid.” and “Don’t let it dominate your life.” For some, they can realize that these acclaims are false and that covid has serious repercussions. 

However, people prefer to hear positive news, and hopeful thoughts, even if they are lies. This is why what Trump is saying could potentially lead to Americans going back to ‘normal’ life prior to when it is safe. Ultimately, the President’s actions carry much weight in the US and could bring us into a downpour of uncertainty and troubles. 

If the President can make a full recovery, this could bring great news to his campaign. The president already feels as if he is a hero, and if he survives, he will be one too many Americans be a hero. Others who are on the fence about who to vote for will see his recovery and hear the hopeful lies and be more pushed to vote for him. 

The President has a way of appealing to emotions and feeding out false facts and accusations with little set in stone policies. I, in no form, hope that the President’s health decline, or hoped that he would contract covid. Although, I do think his contracting covid has more positive effects than negative for himself and his campaign, however, tumultuous effects on the country.