Who is the Greatest Basketball player of All-time?

Michael Jordan or LeBron James


Photo courtesy of Keith Allison.

Anshul Sreenivas

People always wonder who the best basketball player of all time is. Many people say Michael Jordan, while others say LeBron James. Michael Jordan leads LeBron James in quite a few aspects, such as more championships, scoring titles, so on and so forth. Award-wise Jordan is better than James, then comes to talk about the things James does on the court, which is shocking. 

LeBron James led his depleted Cavs team to the NBA finals 4 years in a row. That team had the help of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love for most of those years but they still were no special team. They beat the Golden State Warriors in 2016 after pulling off the most impressive comeback in NBA history. After being down 3-1, facing elimination, the underdog Cavs beat the hotshot Golden State Warriors in 7 games. In the coming year, James had to face the Warriors again and again, but there was a difference this time. The Warriors had just signed Kevin Durant, a league MVP and scoring champion. The first year they blew by the Cavs, it looked like there was no real competition for the Warriors. To add more salt to the wound the very next year, LeBron James’s teammate, his second best player on the team, left. Kyrie Irving got traded and was no longer part of the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise. So it was all up to James. It was a broken down Cavs team at that point. Kevin Love was not the same player he once was, and many key players on the Cavs had left. Even with this broken down, depleted, unreliable team, LeBron James still led them to the NBA finals, to get another shot at beating Golden State. As expected, it was even easier for the Warriors this year than it was last year. The Cavs did get swept in the finals, but there is no denying the fact that James was still able to lead this team all the way to the finals, and this was a very impressive run by him. James also led all of the teams he was one to 9 NBA finals in the 2010 decade, which means he got to 9 out of 10 finals in the entire decade. 

Michael Jordan on the other hand also had a few impressive accomplishments himself. He holds the record for most 50 point games in the playoffs with eight, he also scored the most points ever in the playoffs with 5,987 averaging 33.5 points per game. Michael Jordan and championships are a deadly combination. Jordan and his teammate, Scottie Pippen, led the Bulls to three straight finals from 1992, 1993, and 1994. They won all of those finals. Jordan also retired from basketball to join baseball in 1995, he retired because he thought basketball was a boring sport. He played baseball for one year and decided to go back to basketball after retiring, therefore returning from retirement. Here is the impressive part, Jordan in his first year back in the NBA he led the Bulls to another three straight NBA finals, and they ended up winning all three again. Jordan and the Chicago Bulls also have had the second-best record in NBA history as they won 72 games and only lost 10, they accomplished this back in 1996. 

Now, this is up to you. We saw all of Jordan’s accomplishments, along with LeBron’s. Both of these players have changed the game in many ways, and nothing but respect for both athletes. Jordan by far owned his era, while the same with James and his era. The difference they have is Jordan came into the league as an underdog, he was the third pick in the 1984 NBA draft and none of the top three teams wanted him, but the Bulls settled for him and he turned out to prove everyone wrong and possibly be the best to ever touch a basketball. James on the other hand he came into the league with high expectations. He was the first pick in the 2003 NBA draft, he fulfilled those expectations from the fans, and he is also possibly one of the best to play basketball. Till this day still, no one knows who the greatest basketball player of all time is, Michael Jordan or LeBron James.