Halloween Costumes with Masks Incorporated

Emma Dennis, Editorial Board

Halloween Costumes with Masks Incorporated


Halloween is personally one of my favorite holidays. But with this pandemic going on, will we even be able to participate in the normal Halloween traditions this year? 

Photo by Julia Raasch on Unsplash


Masks are very important in keeping people safe, although you may not be too fond of the idea of wearing a surgical mask over your Superhero costume. That’s an easy fix! There are plenty of costumes you can incorporate a mask into without it looking out of place. Maybe a black mask for your Darth Vader costume, or even a pink mask for your Strawberry Shortcake costume! Whatever you’re seeking to be, there’s a mask that you can add to it! 

I know it may not seem ideal to be wearing a mask on a night of fun, but I can assure you it’ll benefit us in the long run. If people refuse to wear masks for even a couple hours, Covid-19 can make a detrimental increase causing the economy to shut down completely again. I’m sure keeping a mask with you on Halloween night is in your best interest. 

Handing out candy is also very entertaining! You get to see all the neighborhood kids right at your doorstep and see their faces light up when the bucket of candy comes into view. If you aren’t comfortable going out with a ton of people Halloween night, this is a great alternative for you! 

I think I’ll go with the handing out candy portion of the night, going out to trick or treat just won’t be as fun as if it were able to be done with a large group of friends. Hopefully by Thanksgiving we can sit by our loved ones, share smiles, and fill our tummies without the trouble of keeping a mask with us at all times. Stay safe everyone!