Was the 2020 NBA draft the Greatest draft?

Analyzing the 2020-21 NBA rookies


Photo Courtesy of Katie Dugan

Anshul Sreenivas

This season we have seen some of the best rookies we have seen in years. Usually there will be one or two rookies who really show out in their rookie season, but this year it has been a different case.

Starting off with LaMelo Ball, even though Melo went down with a fractured wrist and won’t be returning this season, we can still appreciate the greatness he put on the court while he was there. He was the youngest player ever to record a triple double, for starters. He has had some crazy plays where he looked unstoppable, and even had some resemblance to the great Magic Johnson with his passing ability and IQ. He has really shocked people and proven some haters wrong with his unique playing style. Before Melo got injured he was on top to win the Kia NBA rookie of the year, but now there is a new rookie on top of the ladder.

Anthony Edwards, some people call him, “from being the number one pick to being underrated.” Anthony Edwards was in fact the first player drafted in the draft, but his name was taken out of the spotlight quickly. A few weeks later he started to get recognition, he slowly but surely was getting better. He scored a career high 42 points against the Phoenix Suns and he never looked back after that. He kept going up and up and a fast pace and now he is beginning to look unstoppable. As of now Edwards is at the top of ladder to win the rookie of the year. 

Next up is Tyrese Haliburton. Haliburton isn’t really at the top but he definitely is a strong competitor for Anthony Edwards to win rookie of the year. Haliburton plays for the Sacramento Kings, and is putting up some impressive numbers so far. He is averaging 13 points a game, along with 3 rebounds and 5 assists. He has had some remarkable plays this season such as the time where he dropped Damion Lee and then splashed a three in his face and drew the foul, that play was just completely bizarre. Tyrese Haliburton has some serious potential, and is in striking distance of claiming the number one spot to win rookie of the year. 

Lastly is the big man, James Wiseman. Wiseman plays center for the Golden State Warriors as he stands at 7 foot 1. He can be an absolute unit, but he still hasn’t quite figured out his game. Wiseman was drafted number two overall and has not really lived up to many expectations. Day by day Wiseman is improving his game, but the main thing he needs to improve is his strength. Wiseman tends to get bullied by the other big men in the league when they get in the post. Wiseman isn’t the greatest defender yet due to lack of aggression and strength, but if he improves on those two things he will be someone to look out for in the coming years. 

In conclusion, the rookies this year have given us quite the show, and no one can imagine how scary these young talents will be once they fully develop their game.