The Truth About the COVID-19 Vaccine

How does it actually work?


Photo Courtesy of Steven Cornfield

While the number of people vaccinated against COVID-19 grows, so does the number of questions. How does the vaccine actually work? Does everyone still have to wear a mask? Does the vaccine prevent you from getting sick?


Vaccines work by injecting weak or dead viruses into the body. The body then creates antibodies to “fight” the virus, then it will remember the antibodies in case the person is actually infected. Since it’s a weak or dead version, it doesn’t harm the person, and any symptoms are from the body fighting the infection. The symptoms are just a sign that the body is building immunity. Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna both require two shots before full protection, whereas Johnson & Johnson vaccine only needs one. They all rid the risk of hospitalization and decrease the spread of COVID-19.

Wearing masks

Seeing as the vaccines are still new, it is uncertain whether or not they will fully present the spread of COVID-19. As previously stated, there’s not a zero percent chance of the spread after vaccination. This being said, masks will still be an important part of society. It is essential to continue to wear them as more of the population continues to get the vaccine. When going out, wearing masks will likely continue to be required or heavily suggested. 


While the increased availability of vaccines will quicken the rate of returning to normal, there’s still a long way to go.