Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Movie Review

Courtesy of Gade Skidmore on Creative Commons

  Destin Daniel Cretton brings another great and emotional movie to the theaters. We see a lot of familiar faces, like Tony Leung Chiu-wai, and Simu Liu.

   We start off with a story of how his parents met. His dad, the Mandarin, used the power of the ten rings to take whatever he wanted. However, when he meets Shang-Chi’s Mom, he puts his rings away to stay with his family. Unfortunately, Shang-Chi’s mother is killed, leaving behind his dad, his sister, and him. His dad is heartbroken by this and starts to treat the siblings badly. Eventually, both siblings break contact with their dad until adult Shang-Chi, who is known as Shaun is attacked.  His dad has sent out people to bring the siblings back to their home in China and to tell them that their mother has been “calling” to him. She tells him that she is being imprisoned behind a wall in her hometown and that she needs his help. But instead, Shaun’s mother is a soul-sucking dragon trying to get Shaun’s dad to let it out.

The movie moved me a lot as it was able to show these emotions so well. Shaun’s dad is a well-written character because although he is the main antagonist, his actions are somewhat understandable and he can be empathized with. But you also side with the protagonists, because they are trying to prevent mass destruction. Cretton is able to express the gravity of this situation and the immense pressure on the siblings and their dad. The movie also has some comedic features that allow the audience to laugh after a serious situation. This creates a nice balance of comedy to offset the darker themes. The movie also included a fair amount of Chinese, and as one of the Chinese audience members it really appealed to me; it made you feel like you were in the movie and knew the characters in real life which makes you relate and feel close to them. The characters were also well written. Their personalities ranged from quiet and stoic to loud and clumsy, but in the end, they all came together to fight the dragon. All of these components made this a great movie and I highly recommend going out to watch it.