A Pep Rally to Remember


Sara Boddie

About one month into the school year and one month until homecoming, everyone is getting excited for the upcoming festivities that lead up to the dance: the pep rally and football game. This year, the pep rally is looking a little different than previous years. Since three Oakton classes have lost about a year of high school due to the coronavirus, students are restless to attend an event that will be remembered for the rest of the year.

The leadership students are taking charge to plan a unique experience for Oakton students, hoping to differentiate this year’s rally from the rest. “This year’s pep rally is a welcome back,” said Caitlyn Suarez (12), a member of Leadership’s pep rally committee who is in charge of planning everything from equipment to people participating. Members in leadership emphasized the numerous Oakton underclassmen that haven’t had the chance to integrate into the school as a result of the mask mandate and other covid procedures. As for the upperclassmen, the sense of unity enjoyed in previous years hasn’t been as easily accessible.  

Mr. McCulla, one of the two leadership teachers, explained that this is only the second time out of about seven years that the pep rally has been held outside. Additionally, due to Covid-19, there will be two pep rallies held back to back to limit the number of students on the stands at once. “The motivation around these changes are primarily safety,” Mr. McCulla explained, referencing the covid precautions that are in place, as well as creating a more comfortable environment for students bothered by loud noises and/or crowded spaces.

Overall, however, the outcome of the pep rally should reach the same intensity as other years. Similar to past years, Suarez is most looking forward to “relay races and getting everyone hype for what is to come the next day and that night,” referring to the football game and homecoming day.

Paolita Cabo (12), the vice president of leadership, is looking forward to Leadership’s plan to have varsity sports play sports other than their own. For example, the football team will be attempting to build a cheer pyramid while the cheer team will be playing as wide receivers. 

This year’s pep rally means more than it has in the past. Not only is it an event in anticipation of football and homecoming excitement, but an attempt to bring Oakton together after over a year of separation. “It will be great to celebrate Oakton High School with so many students and to see the stands filled with great spirit,” concluded Mr. McCulla.