All About Our Wonderful Mr. Waxman

Tyler Donaldson, Staff Writer


Mr. Eliot Waxman is a government teacher here at Oakton.  He teaches USVA Government HN, AP US Comparative Government (Super Seminar), and AP Research. According to Mr. Waxman, the best thing about working at Oakton is “getting to work with really talented students and teachers that challenge him everyday.”  Another pro is “getting to teach subjects I love.”  However, as most teachers would agree with, he “always wishes he had more time to explore and go in depth about more issues and topics.”

Life Before Oakton

After graduating from high school, Mr. Waxman went to Clark University and got a bachelor’s degree in History.  Upon graduation, he went to graduate school at Harvard and got a masters degree in Public Policy.  After obtaining a master’s degree, he went on to become a political consultant and helped carry out public opinion polling at a number of private firms, some of which do not exist anymore.  Later, he worked for the federal government to help with their volunteer programs like AmeriCorps, an organization that specializes in keeping the peace here at home in America.

How He Ended Up At Oakton

After trying his hand at public policy, Mr. Waxman decided to get a teaching license from George Washington University.  During the process, he was assigned to be a student teacher here at Oakton.  He enjoyed it so much that once he acquired his teaching license, he came back to work at Oakton where he still works today.  While at Oakton, Mr. Waxman has enjoyed a lot of benefits with one of them being “watching students do things they are passionate about with the goal of making a difference in the world.”

Hobbies & Lessons Learned

One lesson Mr. Waxman has learned from working at Oakton is “trusting students to surprise me everyday and meet the bar even if I continue to set it higher.”  Apart from working at Oakton, he also takes pleasure in running 10K races during his time off.  He is also a big Washington Nationals fan.  With all these skills and talents Mr. Waxman is a superhero and it seems The Incredible Flash is the most accurate one to use as a comparison because he is always multitasking and working efficiently.