An Exciting School Calendar


Photo by Oakton High School with Permission From Oakton High School

       The last week of school is the most boring. Usually, you finish any classwork the week before, but some teachers make sure to plan a graded assignment the final week. At Oakton, the last week of school is a three hour early release. Except Friday, which is a two hour early release where we only spend ten minutes in every class having our final goodbyes. I’m sure most of us have already said our final goodbyes and made face reveals, too. 

       This year, we only have nine weeks of summer break which makes me want to scream and hope I never wake up again. When will I get my sleep back? How much time am I expected to have in those nine dreadful weeks before school starts. There is no way I can revive myself and come up with a motivating plan to get good grades. School is just starting to end and somehow I’m still managing to stress myself out just thinking about the day of August 21.

       Students should have more summer break time or an online learning day. Mondays could be designated as an online day. It’s healthier for everyone as we can wake up anytime before 8:10. One online day a week relieves stress and is so much healthier for everyone. I’m sure there would be less complaints about summer breaks if we had online classes once a week. Overall, the end of the school year could either be really relaxing or stressful. Summer break is next week and I’m planning to spend my days sleeping and hoping these high school years pass by quickly.