Oakton Seniors Favorite Memories

Oakton Students Remembering Moments From High School


photo by emily martin

High school is a major step in everyone’s life. Even if you don’t think you enjoyed it as much as you did, High school is a place where young adults are shaped into the people they become in the future. Even with a year of online school, seniors still had a lot of fun with their full freshman year, early ending sophomore year, and a great all inclusive senior year to create memorable times. As the year is coming to a close, seniors reminisce on their experiences, friendships, and core memories here at Oakton and share some hilarious stories.


Oakton senior, Genevive Bavisotto, brings us back four years to senior’s freshman year, pre-full school renovation, when an ultimate dance battle between two students broke out in the gym lobby. Bavisotto says “I was just waiting for the first bell and a giant group swarmed around the center of the lobby. I made my way towards the front to get a look and saw a student with bright red hair doing crazy moves to an anime theme song while the room erupted with cheering.” Bavisotto remembers it so well because it was a memory spent with her friends in a location at school she spent a lot of time in. The memories made in highschool are so strong because of the familiarity of the place. Oakton is viewed as a second home for students where some of their best moments have occurred, moments that seniors will never forget.

Senior Andrew Michallas reminds seniors of their last day at Oakton in 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic. Michallas says “I remember being in English and the room’s buzz was filled with questions about school getting canceled. All of us were hoping for no school the next day, but as time went on I think we all realized this situation is not what we wanted.”. That day in March will be a significant point in every High School student’s life and served as a major turning point in the high school journey.