All About Our Stunning Mr. Stroud

All About Our Stunning Mr. Stroud

Tyler Donaldson, Staff Writer

Mr. Stroud is an assistant principal here at Oakton.  Some of the benefits of working at Oakton according to him are that “students and staff are very friendly and fun to work with.”  Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and his commute to Oakton is not ideal.

Challenges at Work

One of the most difficult things about working at Oakton is that it is a large school with about 2700 students.  Mr. Stroud is the advisor for the class of 2024, which means he is “responsible for meeting the daily needs of around 600 students.”


As a lifelong learner, Mr. Stroud says working at Oakton isn’t without great rewards because  “[he] get[s] to come to work everyday and learn something new about someone here at Oakton or [himself].”  

How he ended up here

After working in Fairfax County Public Schools for over 20 years, Mr. Stroud decided to work at Oakton because of “an opportunity to work with a diverse group of students and staff, and the opportunity to work at a very highly achieving school.”

Lessons Learned

While working at Oakton, Mr. Stroud has learned a lot of important lessons about Oakton, such as “students here are resilient, open minded, caring, and welcoming to many different people.”

Hobbies And Interests

While not at work, Mr. Stroud is busy doing other activities.  He has three sons and makes sure to attend all of their sporting events.  He also likes to read and travel during his time off.  There’s no doubt that Mr. Stroud is a superhero.  According to him, the most accurate description of himself is similar to Captain America because he is “grounded and has a strong integrity.”