Summer Bore

Vivian Yu, Business Manager

As summer break approaches, students around the country are looking forward to all the fun and exciting activities their parents and friends have planned together. But what about the downtime. That time between activities when there’s nothing to do. Most people spend most of that time in bed or going on a walk in the burning hot weather. With most high school students having lower-paying jobs it is hard to find an affordable activity to do.

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Watching Childhood Shows

Childhood movies and shows have always been able to prevent kids from driving their parents insane, but they have also been a way to be the solution to young child’s boredom. Shows like Rescue Bots, or Jessie hold a special place in many high school students’ hearts. Rewatching these shows reminds students of their childhood before life became more complicated than just cheerios and playing outside with friends. Nostalgia is linked to good mental health and as Dr. Xinyue Zhou in China found, it allows for a person to feel more connected with their family and friends, leading to fewer feelings of loneliness.

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Go Thrifting

Thanks to TikTok and other social media platforms thrift shopping has become more and more popular. From cute clothes to novelty products, thrift shops have goods from many different years. Along with having a nostalgic feeling, thrift shops also generally sell cheaper things. For example, you may be able to get an amazing vintage jacket for only $15 or a beautiful piece of pottery for $10. Some of the goods sold in thrift stores can also be sold for more. So if someone bought a figurine for $15, they may be able to sell it for $30. Thrift stores have many hidden beauties in them and it’s another way to escape the summer heat.

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Home Spa

Many stores such as CVS, and Target have cheap face masks and skincare products. Going out and choosing from the various different face masks can already be a lot of fun. Along with face masks, most stores also have many different snacks to pick from. Relaxing with friends with cool face masks on while eating snacks can melt away feeling so stress. Releasing endorphins makes a person feel happier and relaxed.

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Baking became more and more popular over quarantine. Foods like sourdough bread and cookies were what kept many people sane. Baking food gives people a feeling of accomplishment and more of a “connection to the food”. While store-bought pastries can taste just as good, someone making their own baked goods can be relaxing. Baking triggers a person’s senses, like feel and smell, which in turn triggers feel-good endorphins. Along with senses baking also has a rhythm: Kneading, mixing, and decorating all have a rhythm involved, which is another healthy way to reduce stress.