Summer Reads

Books to stay engaged during the summer


photo by Shutterstock, NTB scanpix, licensed under creative commons

Defending Jacob – William Landay 

Defending Jacob is a mystery through the eyes of Andy Barber who is the assistant district attorney in his hometown Newton, Massachusetts. Andy is a father to Jacob Barber, who becomes the prime suspect of a murder of one of his classmates. This journey uncovers a family secret Andy has been keeping from his wife, Laurie, for the whole length of their relationship.  


I Will Always Write You Back – Caitlin Alifirenka, Liz Welch, and Martin Ganda

I Will Always Write You Back is a true story about two pen pals: Caitlin and Martin. Caitlin was living a pretty normal life in the U.S, while Martin was living in Zimbabwe and struggled with money. When Caitlin realized that Martin was not living in the same living conditions as her, she wanted to help him and started sending him money with the help of her family. Caitlin’s family helped him get through school, and their support inspired him to get into the college his headmaster had recommended him to attend. This story is told in the form of a dual perspective memoir.


Little Women –  Louisa May Alcott

PLittle Woman is a novel set in Concord, Massachusetts, during the Civil War, about Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy, who are all sisters. The story expresses their lives from childhood to womanhood. The book shows how each one of the sisters is different and how these differences in personalities and identities determine their paths and roles in their society. The themes of honesty, hard work, true love, and family unity can be seen all throughout the book.