Athlete Summer Plans

Jade Brooks

As an athlete, staying in shape during the off season is of the utmost importance. Many of our committed Oakton athletes have various self-improvement plans for the summer. Varsity Football player, Jalen Bunch, has a plan to “Attend off season workouts, Greendays, and go to the personal trainer” (Bunch 11). Other athletes, like Tyler Aukema, have plans to coach swimming at local clubs in order to get his daily fitness in along with going to the gym. The theme of going to the gym over the summer is a very common one now that Planet Fitness is now offering free memberships to students. Sam James, a member of the district champion winning Oakton girls soccer team, says she will “definitely be taking advantage of the free gym membership”(James 11). Oakton is full of committed athletes that are determined to become the best version of themselves and achieve their peak athletic potential. With lots of work and effort this summer, hopefully their next season will be greater than their last.

Photo Courtesy Geoff Scott