Sports Betting: A Whole New World

    Sports betting has been a very controversial topic all around America. Many states have been up in the air about whether the legalization of sports betting or not. (Few states are still undecided… silly New Mexico and Florida)


    Betting on sports is a very risky way to make money. It may seem exhilarating, but there’s an abundance of risk factors that is needed to be crossed before there’s any sort of result. However, it can be an enjoyable pastime for some people. Gambling in the United States has been on the rise, many people from states that don’t allow sports betting commute to other states that do allow it. Every state except Utah allows some form of gambling. The people who vote against sports betting within their state can be categorized as “silly”, because you don’t have to bet on sports even if it’s legalized. You’re just helping out the other people in your state by giving them what they want. When I was walking around New York I saw a lot of advertisements for sports betting. I realized that we don’t see these advertisements everywhere around the U.S.; it’s only in certain areas, specifically big cities. 


    Society benefits from sports betting because the U.S. has the freedom to bet on sports. If people can get good at sports betting, they can turn it into a side gig for a little bit of extra money. Fans of their favorite sport can test their knowledge on that sport. With FanDuel, Bet MGM, and Caesars Sportsbook it makes it a lot easier to get access to this opportunity. Many new jobs would be opened for people as well as people being able to expand the amount of money they have. 


    Sports betting should be available to everyone across America so that many people can experience betting on their favorite sports. I hope many states where it is still illegal will make a change soon.