2022 College Football Playoffs

Which teams deserve a shot at the National Championship?

College Football playoffs are just around the corner, and two teams look like a lock, the (1)Georgia Bulldogs (12-0) and the (2)Michigan Wolverines (12-0). A couple of weeks ago, Michigan beat arch-rival (11-1) 45-23 after pulling away in the third quarter, making a lead that was too much for (5)Ohio State to climb.

Earlier in the season, the (7)Tennessee Volunteers seemed to have an almost unstoppable offense. Until they met Georgia’s Defense, on Nov 5th. Tennessee, was averaging 50 ppg before that and then scored just 13 against the Bulldogs. Tennessee was the number one seed before that game but has now dropped down to the 7th seed, and their playoff hopes are gone.

One surprise team is the (3)TCU Horned Frogs. They also stand at 12-0. They have won the close games and have several top-25 wins. Another is (4)USC however they are not undefeated. They stand at 11-1 and have an important game this week against (12)Utah. As of right now, the four teams are 

  1. Georgia 12-0
  2. Michigan 12-0
  3. TCU 12-0
  4. USC 11-1 

(5) Ohio State is the only team outside the top 4 with a real shot at making the playoffs, ahead of (6) Alabama, 10-2. So which teams deserve a spot? 

Georgia, Michigan, and TCU all control their destiny. If they win, they’re in. Those three teams deserve it. They haven’t lost a game and have played tough competition, but the fourth spot is where it gets tricky. Should USC or Ohio State get the fourth spot? Well, this weekend will likely decide that. However, Ohio State doesn’t have another game as they aren’t eligible for a bowl game. So, if USC wins, they’re in. But if they lose, Ohio State will likely grab the 4th seed. 

David Jansons, 11, brought up an interesting idea, “I’m interested in seeing if (3)TCU and (4)USC lose if (6)Alabama and (5)Ohio State get in. Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State, and Bama would be the most infamous college football playoff ever.” 

Whoever gets the 4th spot will likely have to play a tough Georgia Defense in a game they are unlikely to win. However, I believe Ohio State has the weapons to make the game closer than USC would and would prove a more exciting matchup. Also, let’s not forget many of the College Football Rankers choose the most well-known teams and would make the most money. The number one defense in the country (Georgia) vs a high-powered offense (Ohio State) would make more money than Georgia vs USC. The two seed vs three seed is likely Michigan vs TCU. Michigan is a more well-rounded team than TCU and has a very explosive offense that is tough for any defense to defend. The most likely National Championship will be Georgia vs Michigan in what will likely be a game for the ages and a rematch of the CFB playoffs semifinals in 2021.