Who’s Winning the World Cup?


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There are many sports leagues and tournaments going on in the world but in 2022 the most hyped tournament by far is the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The FIFA world cup is a soccer tournament between 32 different countries around the world. The FIFA world cup is one of the most watched tournaments by far. This world cup includes really good teams like France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, but only one team will win it all and take home the Trophy. 


The best teams currently are Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, and Spain. They are currently viewed to win the world cup. Brazil have taken the trophy home 5 times in the past with Pele leading them to winning 3 finals and have an opportunity to win again. At the end of the day anything can happen even the worst squad can win. It all comes down to how the players perform on the pitch.


     Oakton high school has a big community with many different soccer fans who want to see their team win the World cup. We interviewed soccer fans at Oakton high school who are watching the world cup about which team they want to win the world cup and their thoughts on the championship. An Oakton student by the name of Lito Iona   said he wants to see the France National Team win the world cup when asked why he replied because France has a strong team with players like Griezmann, Nkunku and they have a strong defense with a top level goalie like Lloris. Another student said he wants to see Morocco in the final when asked why he said’ My parents are from there and I like their players. 


         We interviewed 3 more students about who will win the world cup and 2 of them said France would win whoever the other student said Brazil. In general most of the people said France would win. France currently holds second in power rankings with Brazil being first.  The top 3 teams on track currently the world cup are France Brazil, Argentina. Whoever we will see December 18th who will win it all.