Oakton Sports April Review


Ella Dennis, Staff Writer

The sun is peeking out longer and shorts and a tshirt are slowly becoming staples in our closets.This could only mean one thing, Oakton spring sports are now in full swing. Student athletes this season are representing tennis, soccer, lacrosse, rowing, and track. Oakton spring sports has a wide collection of accomplishments, from multiple district player of the years to team state champions. So, what are the predictions for the season? What awards are we adding to the cougar shelf? What are the tactics and goals to take it home?
Team chemistry is the key to any successful team. It can be what sets apart a win and loss. Oakton’s girls varsity lacrosse team is a tight knit group of players all working together for the same wanted result. Aoi Barnes, a freshman on the team says, “We have the best team chemistry in the district. We all set standards at practices and games and it’s everyone’s responsibility to meet them. That’s the base of connecting everyone together.” Perfectly said and it shows with their perfect record so far, getting them into the number one seed for states
Heading over to Track and Field, setting up long and short term goals can help keep people motivated longer and easier. Mr. Kroetch, the Track and Field coach, mentions how the team constantly evaluates upcoming competition. He also talked about specific titles they are seeking, for example the girls and boys relay. A very successful team because they all share the same drive and goals. This keeps a team connected and eventually stronger. All in all every member of the track team is going after other teams and titles. They strive to be the best by accomplishing every goal in their path.
In conclusion, Oakton spring athletes are full of diligent strong individuals that come together to get the job done. Expect multiple trophies added to the shelves and even more player of the year awards. Finally, remember to be a student athlete with pride, especially here at Oakton. Being a full time student and enrolling into your chosen sport will teach you leadership, confidence, discipline, effective time management, and of course team work. It is not too late to sign up and there is always the 2023-2024 season.