NBA Finals

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Miami Heat VS. Denver Nuggets

Heat(8) vs. Celtics(2): The Miami Heat had just a 3% chance of winning this series against the Celtics by ESPN going in. The Heat dominated the first three games and got a 3-0 lead in the best-of-7 series. Before game four, teams up 3-0 had been 150-0 in NBA History. The Celtics finally won a game, then another one. Going into game six, the Celtics had been building momentum and were down in the series 3-2. In a tight game all night, the Celtics hit a buzzer-beater putback lay-up to win the game, 104-103. People were shocked; the Celtics had come back from down 3-0 and tied it 3-3. The next game would decide it all. Two nights later the Celtics hosted game seven, and going into the game, everybody was confident in the Celtics finishing the job. However, after an early ankle injury for Celtics star Jason Tatum (he stayed in but struggled) and a turnover-filled performance from Jaylen Brown, the Heat took over the game and won by 19. Preventing one of the biggest collapses in NBA History and advancing to the NBA Finals as the second 8 seed to ever reach them. 

Lakers(7) vs. Nuggets(1): This series could have been more exciting; just like the Heat, the Nuggets got up to a quick 3-0 series lead. However, they finished the job in game four, and swept the Lakers’. Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokić dominated the Lakers defense. All four games were fairly close, but the Nuggets could always hold Lebron and the Lakers off. 

Prediction: The Nuggets are heavy favorites at -450, to the Heats at +360. Which makes complete sense as the Nuggets are the number one seed and have dominated their opponents, while the Heat are the eight seed and almost blew a 3-0 lead. However, the Heat were also heavy underdogs against the Celtics and they prevailed. But the Heat’s incredible Cinderella run comes to an end here. The Nuggets’ star power and intense defense will be too much for Jimmy Butler and the Heat. Nuggets in six….,but don’t underestimate the Miami Heat.