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Saturday Night Live vs Donald Trump

How Saturday Night Live has benefited from recent politics

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Since it was announced that Donald Trump would be running for president, many Americans believed that this was more like a comedy skit than actual reality. Throughout the election and beyond, Saturday Night Live has been getting a lot of attention for their political cold opens. Saturday Night Live filmed with an outsider, Alec Baldwin, to play the president-elect. He has returned to the show nine times to play the President.

Recently, for every major political event, there is a Saturday Night Live counterpart. Baldwin first appeared as Trump back in October in a sketch based on the first presidential debate. He has returned for several other sketches, such as Trump’s press conference and security briefing. Saturday Night Live and its network, NBC, are known for being rather liberal. Their skits have started to go beyond satire, and are starting to make political statements. Saturday Night Live’s message is simple and clear; Trump should not be President.

The insults for Trump have even gone beyond the Saturday night show. Recently, Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich was suspended after she posted a twitter insulting Barron Trump, Donald Trump’s 10 year old son. The tweet was sent out during Trump’s inauguration, and it said that Barron will be this country’s first home school shooter. Later that day, she deleted the tweet and deactivated her account. Three days later, she reactivated her twitter and sent out a tweet apologizing. Trump later wrote in a tweet “NBC News is bad but Saturday Night Live is the worst of NBC. Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!”

Other political figures have also been featured in these sketches. Most recently, Beck Bennett starred in a cold open as Vladimir Putin, who reassured Americans that he will take care of the United States. Kate Mckinnon has also starred in many of the cold opens, most recently as Kellyanne Conway in a musical sketch that was based off of a song from the musical Chicago that alluded to the reason Conway is Trump’s advisor: fame.

Saturday Night Live is expected to continue with these sketches for the foreseeable future. Baldwin has been scheduled to host Saturday Night Live on February 11. This night is expected to be filled with many political jokes, followed by disapproval, via twitter, from the president. 

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Saturday Night Live vs Donald Trump