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The Winter Pep Rally Excites All

Jacob Rutzick Staff Writer

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The first ever winter pep rally was as exciting as the last one possibly more exciting. With three dance performances, sumo wrestling, three point contest, and a dunk contest to name a few. Everyone there enjoyed it “It was a great experience” said Sam Klein who is a freshman. The activities weren’t just the only important thing about the pep rally. When the classes were competing for the spirit stick you could feel the energy in the room. Oakton spirit is important to the students and staff and it is the thing that brings the school together and allows it to be a well functioning oiled machine. What brought the spirit was something that most kids had never seen live before.

To start off the Pep rally the dance team did a performance, and it had its moments. The points where the dancers were flipping got some great cheering and yelling from the audience. That was just the beginning, next up was the cheerleaders and they brought some amazement to the audience with movements so in sink it look like one organism the routine was clearly well practiced and fine tuned to be perfect. The crowd loved it as they danced to a remix of modern songs that made the performance more relatable. The third and final dance performance of the day was the bollywood performance, and it brought some culture that we hadn’t seen in the pep rally. The dance was very original and by far the most unique of the three but the dance wasn’t the only great thing about that dance. The culture was evident and it brought a level of India to the students of Oakton that most had never seen.

Some of the funniest moments came during the sumo wrestling and the balloon competition. Some highlights of the two were two teachers squaring off in sumo wrestling, and small Mitchel Thomas getting run over twice. The sumo wrestling competition started off with two students fighting it out with blow up rings around them and it was one sided in both instances, but then things got fun with two teachers coming out to square it off. Ms. Butterfield who was much shorter than her combatant came out with the win both times. The balloon competition may have gotten the most laughter out of all the competitions. Track runners did it the first round then volunteers did it and that when it got funny. Mitchell thomas’s partner was very intent on winning the game so his plan of popping the balloon was to run into mitchell at full speed and knock him ot the ground.  

Two of the three basketball competitions were the dunk contest and the three point contest. A few highlights were when the girls varsity basketball team trounced the three male volunteers, and seeing the volunteers fail. During the dunk contest when Willy Wonka and his oompa loompa dunked the ball and many more amazing moments. The dunk competition was very exciting, but definitely not at par with even the NBA D league dunk competition. There were still some memorable moments with the dunking duo and Jackie Moon in the all american outfit, and also there were some pretty awesome dunks as well. Three varsity basketball players squared off against three volunteers in a three point contest that went just as expected. The girls destroyed the guys by at least twenty five points every time, and the worst part was that the guys only made at most three three point shots in the competition.

The fun didn’t stop there with musical chairs with two fights during the games and kids trying to make a three point shot while being really dizzy. Musical chairs is normally a very calm game, but not when half the school is watching apparently. Two fights broke out over a chair which was incredibly fun to watch and got a lot of laughter. The swim and dive team were doing the musical chairs and you would think they wouldn’t be the most violent, but apparently not. The spin around the bat challenge was one of the most entertaining sections with kids falling over and tripping. First the volunteers needed to spin around a baseball bat twenty times then make a three point shot, and it didn’t take as long as most would think. The freshman class won both times which on its own is surprising.

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The Winter Pep Rally Excites All