Dulles International Airport Refugee Ban Protest Coverage (VIDEO)

Ben Wagner and Tori Heiberg

So much of the news today is focused towards the older generations leaving those of us still in school in the dust. Well, there’s a new show in town. The new online YouTube show, “The Weekly Turnout” is written by millennials for millennials, with a focus on how decisions today will affect the world tomorrow. Each week, the show will focus on a new pressing issue, bringing on guests to talk about what can be done. This week, The Weekly Turnout focused on President Trump’s recent executive order banning immigrants and refugees from seven mainly Muslim countries. This ban led to some controversy dealing with the constitutionality of the order. Americans across the country flocked to airports to protest this latest order, marking the third mass protest in this new President’s term. In this video, The Weekly Turnout traveled to Dulles Airport to interview people attending the protest, from attorneys, to families, to members of the ACLU.

Be sure to check out The Weekly Turnout on YouTube for the full episode covering the refugee ban including analysis, as well as future videos as they will be posting new videos every week on YouTube as well as on the Oakton Outlook. So stay tuned!