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Lucid dreaming

Sarina Javanmardi, Staff Writer

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Are you aware that your childhood dreams of being able to have immeasurable strength, ability to fly, and frankly, just about anything can come true? All of this can be achieved in the universe of our lucid mind and thoughts. Naturally, when sleeping, our conscious brain is fast asleep. However when one is lucid dreaming, the brain  is wide awake and fully functioning. You are able to feel the dreams come alive, and the senses in your brain become animated. You can discover the internal workings of your unconscious mind with overall freedom.

To understand lucid dreaming we must first look at dreams in general. Our body goes through four different stages at night, and dreaming occurs in the very last stage. Usually the sleeper will shift positions when transitioning from the third to the fourth stage. Throughout the night the body is in NREM (Non-rapid eye movement) sleep, but in the very last stage the body then goes into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Although there isn’t a real explanation for the eye movements in this stage, psychologists believe it is just the eyes following the visual images in our dreams. In this stage, the body becomes completely paralyzed to keep us from acting out the things that occur in our dreams. Even though scientists don’t have a definite answer for dreams and their purpose, in many cultures dreams have hidden meanings and messages that our subconscious tries to send us. When dreaming, all senses come alive. Everything feels real and lucid dreamers know how to take advantage of that.

Many things may occur when lucid dreaming. However, the most important aspect in lucid dreaming is for the dreamer to be fully aware that their experience is a dream. In order to fall into a lucid state you must begin by thoroughly observing your own personal experiences while awake and fully conscious. By doing so, you will be able to recognize the breaks from reality, which will indicate when you are dreaming. During the time in which you are asleep, some primary time will be used to be able to spot the dream and eventually, take hold of the controls. The whole experience typically takes about 20 minutes.

From my personal experience I have come to realize that lucid dreaming has improved my problem-solving abilities, heightened my imagination, bettered my memory, along with reducing the number of nightmares I experience and offers a good night’s sleep.

Lucid Dreaming is a very powerful psychological tool and an enriching conscious experience.It is more interesting than you may presume it to be due to the vast opportunities and possible outcomes in dreaming. Providing insight into the beauty and nature of sleep and dreams, they may gay us clues to our nature of consciousness itself-one of many reasons to start right now.

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Lucid dreaming