Should your zodiac sign dictate your life?

Whether or not your sign can decide your life decisions


Aubrey Harrell, Editorial Board

What zodiac and horoscopes are

Chances are, you’ve heard about zodiac signs at least once in your life, either from scrolling through social media or from everyday conversations. Common phrases like “what’s your sign?” or “my (monthly) horoscope said that…” have probably graced your ears at some point. For anyone that hasn’t followed what zodiac signs and horoscopes are and what they mean, allow me to explain. The zodiac refers to the celestial phenomenon that describes characteristics you have based on what time of the year you were born. There are 12 signs in the zodiac represented by different symbols. When you were born determines which sign you are and which traits you may possess. Horoscopes, on the other hand, are predictions of your future based on the positions of the planets and stars on one’s birth. Many people in our society use the zodiac and their horoscopes to make decisions for them as they are obsessed with such things because it can make them feel validated and hopeful seeing a map of what they should do and how they should act. But how extreme do people take this? Is there any fact behind the zodiac? Should they be considered a viable decision maker?

Ways the zodiac affects lives

A popular use for zodiac signs and horoscopes is to decide relationships between people. It’s a common occurrence for people to base their decisions on who they date and the friendships they have, depending on their zodiacs. There are numerous websites you can find about matchmaking zodiac signs together based on the compatibility of their characteristics. Some people even take it to extremes by making complex compatibility charts, gauging how well they’ll get along with people. Is it a reasonable thing to weed out others in favor of a person with a more preferable sign?

Another possible use for your star sign is decision predicting future occurrences in your life. You may have stumbled across the daily horoscope in the paper or in entertainment magazines. These descriptions that appear in magazines are most likely random statements compiled and reused many times, however, there is no credible source when it comes to these psychic readings. Really that depends on what you’re willing to believe. There are many sources out there that claim to have credible horoscopes, and even some you need to pay for, but whether or not you choose to believe in such things is really up to you.

Zodiac signs as a viable decision maker

Ok, now time for the answer to the question you’ve been waiting for; is there reason to believe that the zodiac and horoscopes should make life decisions for you? Well, scientifically, no. Through different studies, it has been proven that your time of birth has no effect on your personality, compatibility, or your future. The reason that many people are drawn to such things and are fascinated by the zodiac is something called the Placebo Effect. For example, a doctor could prescribe you a pain pill to help you feel better, when it really is a sugar pill. In turn, believing in astrology can affect your outlook and actions in a positive manner although it could be completely incorrect. People naturally look for signs to confirm what we already believe, and people who deeply believe in astrology will over-recognize things that confirm their belief. So, in the end, relying on the zodiac and horoscopes to make decisions is like the equivalent of asking a fortune cookie. Just remember in the end that, as long as you don’t take them too seriously, things like horoscopes, the zodiac and other various personality test can be good fun.

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