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How many snow days to expect?

A look into the prediction of this year's snowfall and use of snow days

Courtney Te, Editorial Board

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   As the colder seasons approach, many are starting to wonder what lies in store in terms of the weather and snow days. After getting only one pity snow day last year (it was barely an inch of snow), students are left with uneasy expectations of what is to come this Winter. In November, the weather is starting to consistently drop to the 30’s and 40’s, leaving most grabbing for their Winter coats out of the closet. It leaves a spark of hope for the average student to look forward to snow, especially after the very bleak and uneventful Winter of 2016.

  According to www.almanac.com/, a periodical that covers statistics of weather in accordance to farming, summarizes that fall and winter of 2017 will be slightly warmer than a typical Virginia winter. It’s predicted that Virginia will receive varying amounts of rainfall, occasionally receiving snow and snow flurries, but nothing too detrimental, much to the relief of parents. The consensus is what many expected—cold weather and small chances of snowfall, but not enough to really consequent snow days. Of course, this is only an estimation of what is to come—there might be many changes and surprises left in store.

  With the possibility of a school cancellations low, students wonder where their snow days are going. In the past years, no snow days usually meant earlier summer. After the adoption of a 180-day school year by the FCPS board in 2014, the calendar now accommodates the snow days within the planned academic year. Schools are required to provide 990 hours of schooling, and the current 180 day calendar exceeds that amount. This is so that when snow days are implemented, it won’t affect the yearly schedule as much as it has in the years past.  

   All in all, the winter of 2017 is unpredictable. It’s only November after all, and it’s hard to truly predict the outcome. The majority of sources only have educated guesses as to what will happen in the months to come. It’s nice to stay hopeful that snow will come—even if just for a little bit.

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How many snow days to expect?